Feel Good Friday – Wide-spread solar, malaria vaccine, and reading
Uncommon Cents: Solar roofing is mainstream in Australia, forgiveness for grads, progress for the malaria vaccine, and more.
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The Uncommon Cents

Feel Good Friday – Wide-spread solar, malaria vaccine, and reading

May 21, 2021

Feel Good Friday:


There’s a LOT of news out there these days, and most of the time it’s not necessarily positive.

So in the spirit of bringing you a full picture of the world, we present you with Feel Good Friday – a breakdown of good news stories to bring you into the weekend. Here are this week’s stories:


Sunny News ☀️
One in 4 homes in Australia now uses solar as an energy source, making it the country with the most rooftop solar panels in the world.

Forgiveness for Grads 🎓
Delaware State University has canceled over 730,000 of debt for students who have recently graduated and were hit financially by the pandemic. The funds for this program were made possible by the American Rescue Plan for COVID-19 relief, and will help about 220 graduates.

Vaccine Hope 🦟
The malaria vaccine is reported to be 77% effective. It’s currently in phase 2 trials, and while the outcomes look promising, phase 3 is required to confirm the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.

Reading for Happiness 📚
A new study shows a positive outcome of the pandemic safety protocols: children have been reading more books at a higher difficulty level. This not only helps to boost literacy skills but also has been proven to help boost moods.

Too Good To Go 🥡
A new app called Too Good To Go allows customers to purchase leftover food from restaurants at a discounted rate, saving them from ending up in the trash bin.


9 Steps to Decide Whether You Should Pay Off Debt or Save for Retirement

May 7, 2021

The personal finance question everyone is always asking: When you have extra money after you budget everything out, what should you do with it? Should you pay off your debt or should you start saving for retirement and pumping it into your 401k?

The List of Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

May 5, 2021

Student loan forgiveness isn’t just for those who get lucky. Check out this resource to see which program can work for you.

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